By the first season practice, you must:

·         Complete Online Athletic Eligibility at “www.familyid.com/organizations/washington-high-school”.

·         Complete and return a Physical Form within the last 2 years.

·         Purchase an ASB Card.

·         Purchase Equipment.


You must participate in all of the season practices and meets.

·         If you are physically unable to complete a practice or meet, then you must see the trainer or a doctor before participating in the next day’s practice or meet.

·         If you are injured, then you still must participate in all practices by completing alternative workouts and you still must attend all meets as a helper.

·         If you are absent from a practice or meet, then a parent must excuse you.

·         If you are being disrespectful or you don’t give full effort, then you will be sent home.

·         If you are failing 2 or more classes at grade checks, then you still must participate in practices but you cannot participate in meets until you are passing at least 7 classes.

o   If the meet is at home, then you still must attend the meet as a helper.

o   If the meet is away, then you will not be allowed to travel with the team.


You must abide by all Washington High School, Franklin Pierce School District, and Washington Interscholastic Activities Association rules.  Failure to abide by these rules can result in being unable to participate in practices, being unable to participate in meets, and/or being permanently removed from the team.

·         Some examples include;

o   You must attend the entire period of all classes, unless you have a school-related field trip or you have a doctor/dentist appointment.

o   You must not participate in abusive, bullying, harassing, or hazing behavior.

o   You must not use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

o   You must not be present where alcohol, drugs, or tobacco are being used by others.