If finances are a concern for any of the items below, then please contact Coach Culp. Do not allow money to be the obstacle for a fun and successful Track & Field season.


Running Shoes (Required Every Year Price Varies)

         Why do you need to buy running shoes?

o   They protect you from injuries, which results in poor performance and doctor bills.

         Which running shoes do you need to buy?

o   They need to be for distance running. You should not buy them based upon their style or what someone else is wearing. They are very personal and what works great for someone else might be very bad for you. While at the store, you need to fully lace the shoes and go for a short run in order to make sure that they are comfortable.

o   These are the approved brands and models;







Adistar, Supernova

Ultraboost, Solarboost

Adizero, Solarglide


Cumulus, Glideride

Nimbus, Novablast

Kayano, GT2000


Ricochet, Levitate

Ghost, Glycerin

Adrenaline, Beast/Ariel


Mach, Rincon

Clifton, Bondi

Arahi, Kawana


Rider, Rebellion

Sky, Creation

Inspire, Horizon

New Balance

840, Prism

880, 1080

860, 940


Pegasus, Miler

Vomero, Invincible

Structure, Infinity


Kinvara, Echelon

Ride, Triumph

Guide, Hurricane


         Where should you buy running shoes?

o   South Sound Running (Tacoma: 253-759-4779 / Puyallup: 253-268-0016) because they have the widest selection and salespeople more knowledgeable about running than other stores. They also have an excellent return policy.


Running Watch (Required 1st Year Only Price Varies)

         It needs to have a stopwatch so that you can measure the time of runs.


Cross Country or Track & Field Distance Spikes (Highly Recommended Price Varies)

         They significantly improve performance in meets.