If finances are a concern for any of the items below, then please contact Coach Culp. Do not allow money to be the obstacle for a fun and successful Cross Country season.


Running Shoes (Required Every Year Price Varies)

        Why do you need to buy running shoes?

o   The most important piece of equipment for every athlete are running shoes because they protect you from injuries that result in expensive doctor bills. They must be designed for distance running in order to have the proper cushioning and support.

        Which running shoes do you need to buy?

o   Do not buy your running shoes based upon their appearance or what other people are wearing. They are very personal and what works great for one person might be very bad for someone else. While at the store, you need to fully lace the shoes and go for a short run in order to make sure that they are comfortable.

        Where should you buy your running shoes?

o   South Sound Running (Tacoma: 253-759-4779 / Puyallup: 253-268-0016) is the best place to make your shoe purchase. They have a wider selection and salespeople more knowledgeable about running than athletic and department stores. They also have an excellent return policy.


Running Watch (Required 1st Year Only Price Varies)

        A very important piece of equipment for every athlete is a running watch because it has a stopwatch so that you can measure the time of runs.


Warm Ups (Highly Recommended 1st Year Only $80)

        An important piece of equipment for every athlete are warm ups because they provide warmth and waterproofing on cool and rainy weather days. They will be a part of your uniform for every year that you participate in Cross Country and they will be personalized with your name and team logos.


Cross Country Spikes (Highly Recommended Price Varies)

        An important piece of equipment for all varsity athletes are cross country spikes because they significantly improve performance in meets. Of course, junior varsity athletes will also benefit from using them.


Team Shirts (Recommended Prices Below)

        A great way to feel like a part of the team is to own shirts that show off your membership. They will be personalized with your name, a team logo, and a quote.

o   Short Sleeve T-Shirt $15

o   Long Sleeve T-Shirt $20

o   Hooded Sweatshirt $25